The Digital Marketing Book for Business Owners

The Contented Website

The Contented Website

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Is your website simply not delivering?

Are you wondering what the secret is to creating a website that:
– Sits and stays on page one of Google?
– Attracts new visitors every day?
– Then turns your visitors into customers?

Many businesses invest thousands of dollars into websites and digital marketing…but fail to get the traction.

Since 2000, I have been creating websites that deliver. At Brilliant Digital we build and market websites that send millions of dollars’ worth of leads to businesses every year. And I’ve witnessed the incredible transformation that effective digital marketing has delivered to my clients’  bottom line.

The Contented Website is packed with the proven tips, tricks and methods that I have learnt along the way.

It is an easy-to-follow and easy-to-understand guide that unlocks the secrets to creating a website for your business and using content to generate a steady stream of qualified, warmed-up leads.

The Contented Website will equip you with everything you need to know to finally get your website delivering.

It just might be the best investment you make in your business’s future this year.

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Deb Jeffreys

Deb Jeffreys

Hi, my name is Deb Jeffreys, I’m the founding Director of Brilliant Digital.

Together with my team I design and build beautiful, content-rich websites.

The websites we create deliver millions of dollars worth of leads to Australian businesses every year.

As a small business owner, I discovered the power of Google and the web firsthand in 2000 when I decided to build a website for my thriving veterinary surgery. That website totally transformed both my veterinary practice and my life, providing instant traction for my business and immediately hooking me on digital media.

I went on to build a number of highly successful websites from scratch and in 2009 I permanently traded my stethoscope for a mouse and became a full-time digital marketing consultant.

Together with my team we now build beautiful websites that deliver millions of dollars’ worth of qualified leads to Australian businesses every year.

As a business owner, I understand challenges of your business and realise how valuable your time is.

Which is why I want to make your website work for you through a painless and hassle-free process. Contact me if you want a beautiful website that delivers a steady flow of qualified leads.

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