Your Story

Your Story

The core of everything we do at the Brilliant Group is to tell your story online.

And tell it very, very well.

The result is that your customers understand your business and its value to them. And your website sends you a steady stream of qualified and educated leads.

You enjoy brand and business growth… and we gain a happy client!

It doesn’t matter whether we’re marketing your service business through Brilliant Digital or selling your lifestyle business through Brilliant Businesses

…either way the core of our mutual success is in communicating your value.

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Our Story

Our Story

Deb Jeffreys founded Brilliant Digital in 2009.

In her first career as a Vet she was a partner in a practice in southern England for 15 years.

When Google came along she could see this was the future of marketing. She built her first website in 2000 to market her Vet practice and the business grew steadily as a result.

She built a number of globally successful websites and digital brands… and hung up her stethoscope for good in 2008.

Deb’s excitement at the transformational results digital branding and storytelling deliver is infectious!

David Biddle was Brilliant Digital’s first client.  Together Deb and David grew David’s previous business Smart Boating exponentially through online marketing skill and business savvy.

When David decided it was time to sell Smart Boating, he was unimpressed by traditional business brokers who wanted a 8% cut and didn’t appear to offer much in return.

David and Deb worked together on innovative approach which included a top-line website and pro-active marketing campaign.

They sold Smart Boating in three months for significantly more than the initial valuation.

Now as co-founders of Brilliant Businesses, (and co-directors of Brilliant Digital), Deb and David are a unique team offering selected lifestyle business owners a complete and innovative business sale solution.

Our Values - Family First

Our Values - Family First

In the words of our founder Deb Jeffreys

“In the end every decision I make for the company sits at the intersection of our core values – results and family. We have to get results for our clients.

“If we’re not supremely confident that the client will get a return on investment we don’t take the business.

“But for me family is number one… one of the reasons I hung up my stethoscope was to have a more flexible career so I could be a better parent.

“As a freelancer in the early days it was relatively easy to give myself a brilliant career and be around for the family… but I wanted more… I wanted to give this opportunity to others.

“By developing a successful company with flexible working and family as its foundation we give our team the chance to have a fulfilling career while still being able to parent their children the way they want.  The emphasis on family first is very important to me.”

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Innovation and doing things right

David Biddle is driven by a desire to innovate while still doing things right…

“I’ve been in business all my career. Ever since I can remember I have been driven to increase business productivity and efficiency.

“So I have no tolerance for services that are still delivered the same way as they were 20 years ago by industries fighting change rather than embracing it. To me ingrained inefficiency means a disruptive shake up is in order.

“My core values include honesty and integrity. I’m also known for my tenacity and never, ever giving up. I work my socks off to get a great result for every client and think outside the box to find solutions to roadblocks.”

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